WASA Jobs 2023 Water and Sanitation Agency

The Water and Sanitation Agency WASA is the biggest water utility in Pakistan. They are always looking for skilled people to work with them, so if you have any experience or skills related to engineering, business administration, finance, or economics then this could be a great opportunity for you!  There are currently many Jobs available at WASA and they’re only accepting applications. So don’t think about it for too long! Apply now before your chance is gone! In recent years, the water and sanitation sector has been identified as a key solution to poverty. This blog post will explore careers available at WASA for those who want to work in this field. The Water and sanitation agency WASA is one of the most important organizations in Pakistan. It has a history that spans many years, and it provides clean drinking water to millions of people every day.

Detail of Vacancies

01 Project Director
02 Deputy Director Technical
03 Deputy Director Civil
04 Deputy Director Mechanical
05 Deputy Director Finance
06 Assistant Director IT
07 Assistant Director Civil
08 Assistant Director Technical
09 Assistant Director Electrical
10 Assistant Director Mechanical
11 Sub Engineer Civil
12 Sub Engineer Electrical
13 Sub Engineer Mechanical
14 Account Clerk
15 Junior Clerk
16 Auto CAD Operator
17 Driver
18 Office Boy
19 Dak Runner
20 Security Guard
Source: Daily Jang

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Important Note for WASA Jobs

You may be wondering how to get a WASA career. There are many different ways that you can go about getting one. The first is by simply looking at the website for any open positions and applying online, which is the easiest way. You could also look around in your local area to see if there are any careers being offered by WASA that have connections with them. Finally, you can always contact them directly through their website to inquire about opportunities they might have available, but this should only be done after reviewing all of your other options so as not to waste time or energy on something that doesn’t seem like it will work out for you. ​The organization employs nearly a million people with jobs available for qualified individuals in many different sectors including engineering, project management, operations, and maintenance as well as customer service.

With many years of experience in providing clean drinking water to people across Pakistan, WASA is an exemplary organization that has resulted from public-private collaboration. The government holds many percent stakes while some percent is held by private investors who can provide funding for expanding their services to more areas. WASA is currently looking for engineers specializing in various fields including drilling and construction management. For those interested in pursuing a career at WASA or any other government department related to water and sanitation agencies. The water and sanitation agency in the region is looking for talented individuals to join their team. The jobs available are for people who have a degree or certification in engineering, physics, chemistry, environmental science, or biology. These positions offer competitive salaries with no experience necessary! For more information about these opportunities please visit their website.

Water and Sanitation Agency WASA Jobs 2023