University of Sufism and Modern Sciences Jobs 2023

A university is an institute of research, education, and higher learning, along with facilities, services, and activities such as student housing, a student center, and administrative services. The word university is used in different ways in different countries. Many universities are polytechnic universities that may be famous for their contribution as research labs or for the quality of their teaching and research. The USMS is an educational institute registered as Pakistan’s first, University providing education in Sufism and modern sciences in both theoretical and practical forms. The University is conceived, qualified, and empowered to offer both undergraduate and postgraduate-level degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Hence the USMS is an innovative educational institution in Pakistan. USMS aims at providing quality education to the youth of the country, within a holistic and research-oriented framework. Jobs in USMS.

Detail of Vacancies

Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Controller of Exams
Projector Director
Source: Daily DAWN

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About USMS

The USMS Pakistan is the first university in the world where studies are conducted in the framework of Sufi. The word Sufism has been derived from Arabic and means the dress of wool. Sufism is a very old science that has been introduced to the world in this century. It aims at formulating a new educational system, in which Sufism would be the core of education and every subject is taught through the eye of Sufism. This institution is to create an environment for the intellectual and spiritual exposition of Sufi thought and its practical application to the daily problems of life. We are committed to this task, as we know that it is the only way to achieve our goal: the regeneration of society.

Important Note for the University of Sufism and Modern Sciences USMS Jobs

Sufism is the inner, esoteric dimension of Islam, in contrast to its exoteric dimension (the sharia, or Islamic law). Sufis believe that in addition to the outward aspects of religion—the sharia—Muhammad also brought a secret, inner dimension of knowledge, reserved for a select few worthy of the quest. This dimension of knowledge reveals the divine essence of all existence and leads its adherents into the direct experience of God. Sufism is a vast ocean, with no known depths. It is a way to know God and reach the ultimate reality in which we are all interrelated and interconnected. This kind of knowledge has no boundaries and is not limited by time or space. Sufism is a way that brings out the purest and deepest aspects of Islam.

The USMS is the first-ever University in Pakistan. It is being established to fulfill the demand for education in Sufism, as a result of growing awareness about the experiences and benefits of Sufi teachings in Pakistan and abroad. Future Educational Institutions is establishing the University. The USMS is a philanthropic, non-governmental, and non-profitable organization that was established in the year under the patronage of His Excellency, the then President of Pakistan. USMS is an institution that aims to provide quality education with a special focus on the development of human values in a society based on merit, equality, and impartiality.

University of Sufism and Modern Sciences USMS Jobs 2023