The Falak Sufi Scholarship New York University

The Graduate School of Arts and Science of New York University is satisfied to report the Falak Sufi Scholarship granted by the expert’s program in Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center. Contenders for the expert’s program in Near Eastern Studies are qualified to apply, including candidates for the program’s joint degree with Journalism, the fixation with Museum Studies, and the business track. Falak Sufi was brought into the world in Pakistan in 1983. She had a liberal heart, the desire to draw in with and change the world, and a splendidly unique, lively psyche. She moved on from the National University of Singapore with top-notch respect in Political Science. While youthful, she started to distribute the work that showed her incredible gifts and ability. Among her inclinations were ladies and sex in South Asia, the historiography of this area, and the strength of the humanities.

The Graduate School of Arts and Science of New York University The Falak Sufi Scholarship

Be that as it may, no rundown can catch the scope of subjects concerning which she thought, talked, and composed. She was a much adored, profoundly appreciated alumni understudy in Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center of New York University when she passed on shockingly in New York. The Scholarship is to respect her memory and to help understudies from nations with a greater part Islamic populace who may not in any case have the option to get an alumni schooling. These understudies, ideally female, will be taking a crack at the two-year expert’s program in Near Eastern Studies. The holders of this grant should epitomize the scholarly soul and guarantee of Falak, and have a profound and standing obligation to the job of ladies in the scholarly community and to the inquiries that she investigated, principally the investigation of sex in the nations of the Islamic populace.

How to Apply

For 2022-23, the grant incorporates a scholarly year payment (at least $30,238), educational cost, understudy health care coverage, and enlistment and administrations charges for as long as two years, given that scholastic principles of the Graduate School and the alumni program are met. Application data for all likely understudies to the expert’s program in Near Eastern Studies can be found at The application cutoff time for fall 2022 confirmation is January 15, 2022. For more data visit  Inquiries concerning the Falak Scholarship ought to be coordinated to [email protected]

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About The Falak Sufi Scholarship

The Falak Scholarship at New York University is a prestigious award that a student in a degree program in Business or Finance can receive in order to assist with tuition and living expenses. This scholarship is only available to Muslim students, and there are a varying number of awards each year from many dollars. The scholarship was established by a Muslim businesswoman in the United States in order to honor her father’s legacy and promote peace and understanding. The Scholarship is awarded to Muslim students who plan to pursue a degree in Business or Finance. These students must have a GPA and be active members of the Muslim community.

The Sufi Scholarship is a new scholarship being offered at New York University. Through this scholarship, students will have the opportunity to study with some of the best scholars in the world. The Scholarship is the latest scholarship that has been announced by New York University. This scholarship, which is named after its benefactor, will provide international students with the opportunity to participate in the university’s most prestigious master’s programs for free for up to four years. The program will be given to talented students from outside of the United States who are seeking to earn their Master of Arts degree in any of the university’s graduate schools.

NYU’s Falak Scholarship was established in the past to provide tuition-free education to sub-continent children. Founded by the late American philanthropist, ATA Falak Sufi, the Foundation gives deserving girls in the sub-continent the opportunity for quality education. NYU partners with the Foundation to provide free tuition, and access to university-sponsored academic, social, and cultural programs to girls at NYU’s Sufi Center in the sub-continent.

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The Falak Sufi Scholarship New York University