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In Ravi Urban Development Authority Pakistan, people from all levels of social work for a better society. In order to be a part of the team, one must show dedication, enthusiasm, and a commitment to service. Likewise, teamwork is a crucial element of our culture which is why we encourage a clean-cut work environment with a dedication to quality and safety. We maintain a high degree of organization and efficiency, and safety is a top priority for us. Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA is a company that seeks to provide every person from all levels of society with jobs, as well as have a dedication to providing a safe and efficient environment for those who work with us. Individuals who are interested in these positions should visit the Ravi Urban Development Authority website for more information on these open positions, the requirements to apply, and what you can expect.

Detail of Vacancies

01 Chief Operating Officer
02 Manager
03 Office Coordinator
04 Deputy Director Transaction Advisory
05 Deputy Director Investor Relations
06 Assistant Manager Investor Relations
07 Manager Marketing
08 Director Development & Building Control
09 Deputy Director Development & Building Control
10 Manager Surveillance and Monitoring
11 Manager Architect
12 Technician / Draftsman Development & Building Control
13 Director Environment
14 Deputy Director Contracts Management
15 Deputy Director Hydrology
16 Deputy Director Infrastructure
17 Manager Human Resources
18 Manager IT
19 Executive Director Planning
20 Deputy Director Transportation
21 Deputy Director Urban Planning
22 Deputy Director Architecture
23 Manager GIS
24 Manager Urban Planning
25 Officer GIS
Source: Daily DAWN

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Jobs in Ravi Urban Development Authority for Management Posts

The Pakistan Ravi Urban Development Authority is one of the leading authorities in Pakistan for Development, Safety, and the Environment. They are looking to hire individuals to join their team. Looking for individuals who can help with the day-to-day operations, they are also looking for individuals who are passionate about the environment to work on development projects.

The Ravi Urban Development Authority Pakistan is one of the Public Sector Undertakings of the Government of Pakistan. The current portfolio of the agency includes the design, construction, management, rehabilitation, and maintenance of major roads, bridges, flyovers, underpasses, bus stations, railway crossings, over bridges, railway stations, parking sites, ponds, stormwater systems, stormwater drains, cleaning operations and other allied operations. Its work has involved a number of contracts to design and build a number of notable projects. Such a project involves a contract to construct a flyover in Karachi which is an effort to ease traffic congestion in the area. Other projects the organization has been involved with include a passenger terminal at the Bus Stand.

Important Note for Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA Jobs

Different types of projects and developments are aggressively taking place in Pakistan which is a cause for concern for many investors and shoppers who are concerned about the quality of these developments and also about the environment of the communities these developments are taking place. Ravi Urban Development Authority is a company that has been around since 2008 and they specialize in developing commercial and industrial areas of Pakistan. Some of the projects that RUDA is involved in include Safari Park in Lahore, G10 in Islamabad, and Leisure Valley in Karachi. These are all interesting developments that have interesting features which are sure to attract potential customers in Pakistan.

Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA is the biggest development agency. Located in Lahore, RUDA has played a monumental part in the city’s development. RUDA is responsible for the development of Lahore’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Its slogan is For a better tomorrow. It employs about 20,000 people, with an annual budget of around 900 billion rupees. The organization itself is divided into five departments that are responsible for different aspects of urban development.

Pre Eminence for Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA Jobs

Ravi Urban Development Authority of Pakistan (RUDA) is an organization that provides infrastructure services to the people of the province of Punjab. RUDA’s mission is to provide quality infrastructure services to the public with confidence and accountability. RUDA is governed by the law of Pakistan and the Constitution of Pakistan. The organization is responsible for maintaining and developing infrastructure and land use. It takes opportunities where it can to employ and train local people. Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA has a number of projects. The Authority has set up a new connectivity program to provide communication and transportation for those in rural areas. The program aims to provide community service centers, the internet, and public transport.

Ravi Urban Development Authority RUDA Jobs 2023