Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017

Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017 for Fixation of Pay

Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017 for Fixation of Pay. Subsequently Revised Pay Scales Charts are for Fixation of Pay reason. Essentially you can undoubtedly fix your pay from back dates. In like manner, if there should arise an occurrence of your advancement or change of your scale. Besides, you will actually want to utilize just one Payscale diagram from 1983 to 2017 rather than independent PayScale Charts. Henceforth all information was taken from Finance Division I-e So an abundance of thanks to Mr. Abdullah for giving the information from Finance Division Islamabad.

History of Revised Pay Scales Chart

However, the following three Schemes of Pay Scales have been introduced since
Prescribed Scales of Pay.
National Pay Scales.
Basic Pay Scales.

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Prescribed Scales of Pay

Subsequently endorsed sizes of pay presented with impact from 01.01.1949 and reexamined with impact from 01-12-1962. Likewise, these Scales endorsed for each post independently in different Ministries/Divisions/Organizations and so forth In like manner, More than 500 compensation scales were employable for various classes of Government workers. Moreover, at least one Efficiency Bars acquainted in each scale with the judge the productivity of Government workers at different stages. Likewise, Selection grades, exceptional pays, and specialized pay presented as a motivation for the development of the ability of Government workers. Thus Government workers isolated in four classes alongside examination with present compensation scales, as demonstrated underneath:
Hence Class-I (Gazetted) BPS-17 and above.
Class-II (Gazetted / NG) BPS- 16
Similarly, Class-III (Non-Gazetted) BPS-3 to 15
Class-IV (Non-Gazetted) BPS-1 and 2

National Pay Scales (NPS)

Henceforth National Pay Scales presented with impact from 01.03.1972 and overhauled with impact from 01.05.1977. Also A uniform arrangement of 22 National Pay Scales presented for all the Government workers. Moreover Selection grades, exceptional pays and specialized pays annulled inside and out. Moreover the idea of Efficiency Bar disposed of in the scales for Gazetted Officers and held up to N.P.S-15. Also Government workers separated in 22 evaluations and classes of Government workers abrogated. Anyway the advantage of one untimely addition on advancement permitted.

Basic Pay Scales (BPS)

Subsequently Basic Pay Scales presented with impact from first July 1983, and reexamined on first July 1987. Likewise first June 1994, first December 2001, first July 2005, first July 2007, first July 2008. Similarly first July 2011, first July 2015, first July 2016 and first July 2017. Moreover the terminology of the scales changed without upsetting the fundamental construction of N.P.S. Henceforth The Basic Pay Scales not to be viewed as evaluations like in N.P.S. Essentially Officials will consequently name/elevate to posts and not in grades. Moreover Selection grades presented for specific classifications of representatives.

Anyway, Various Special/Technical Pays and Allowances permitted as impetuses for higher capabilities, and so on henceforth the idea of advance augmentations on having/securing higher capability presented. Additionally to urge the Government workers to improve their capability/abilities and they ended in BPS 2001, w.e.f 01-12-2001. Effectiveness Bars completely eliminated from the Pay Scales.

Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017
Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017
Revised Pay Scales Chart from 1983 to 2017
Fixation of Pay
Fixation of Pay
Fixation of Pay