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If you are thinking about applying for the Rescue 1122 Jobs in Pakistan, then you should know how to complete the application procedure and what to expect. The aim of this service is to offer organized rescue services to individuals in distress. The department of Rescue 1122 is only for emergency services. This department can save the life of a person within minutes. It provides twenty-four hours of services. Emergency Rescue Service is looking for people to join its team! Emergency Rescue Service is a public service company that provides emergency extrication services in Pakistan. These are the people who help to save lives by getting people out of dangerous situations. It’s a vital and important position, and they want you to be a part of their team. Rescue 1122 is a special service of the government that is responsible for providing emergency services, relief, and rescue during natural disasters.

Detail of Vacancies

Medical Technician EMT
Computer Telephone Wireless Operator CTWO
Fire Rescuer
DERT Rescuer
Maintenance Technician MT
Auto Electrician AE
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Jobs in Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 for Management Posts

TitleEmergency Rescue Service Jobs 2021
Posted On2021-10-19
Employment TypeFull Time
Hiring OrganizationPunjab Emergency Service Lahore

Important Note for Emergency Rescue Service Rescue 1122 Jobs

Pakistan is a developing country with one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It is also a global hub for manufacturing and exports. Pakistan’s current economic state has resulted in the need for emergency rescue services. While the Pakistani government provides some funding, this is not enough to cover all of the expenses needed for this service. The privatization of these services would provide relief to the government and allow people to contribute by paying taxes that go toward this system. Here, are some ways to make sure that Emergency Rescue Service Jobs in Pakistan is successful. Rescue 1122 is a special emergency service that works under the umbrella of the government. It is one more than the most famous department in every city of Pakistan.

Approximately a quarter of the population in Pakistan lives within a few km of the coastline. These people are at risk of drowning and are often unaware that they are in danger. In a country where water is scarce and natural disasters like floods are common, this can be a huge problem. The Directorate General of Civil Defence is responsible for coordinating rescue efforts in these situations. However, there is not enough funding to cover the high demand for emergency rescue services.

Rescue 1122 is the combination of the fire brigade and ambulances services that are responsible to save people from fire and other emergencies that can occur on their way while driving on roads and in different driving areas. Hence Rescue 1122 is a newly-established division of the government to provide the citizens of Karachi with fire-fighting, rescue, and emergency medical services. Rescue 1122 was launched to help relieve the burden on the other emergency service providers, as well as to ensure that emergency calls were answered promptly and efficiently.

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Emergency Rescue Service Rescue 1122 Jobs 2021

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