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The Government of Pakistan is the largest employer in Pakistan with a workforce of millions of people. The Public Sector Organization in Pakistan is divided into many categories. The responsibility of each group varies, as each has a different goal or purpose. Pakistan is a developing country with an ever-changing job market and as such, has many fields of employment for those looking to start a career. Public Sector Organization jobs, which for the most part are only available to those who have achieved a university education, while there are other opportunities for those who haven’t, are a great place to start. A degree in Economics, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Sociology, Psychology, etc., will more than likely be required for this type of career. On average, these government jobs in Pakistan pay an average of 25000 per month or around 300000 a year.

Detail of Vacancies

District Project Officer
Capacity Building Officer
Social Mobilizer
Territory Officer
Admin Assistant
Finance Assistant
Warehouse Incharge
Security Guard
Data Entry Operator
Jr. Assistant-I
Source: Daily DAWN

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Important Note for Public Sector Organization Careers

Public sector organizations in Pakistan have come a long way from the days of the very past and have taken the nation in the right direction. One of the most important functions of a public sector organization is to provide a service to the public that the private sector cannot provide. As such, public sector organizations are more or less public services that are provided to the public sector, for the greater good of society. In Pakistan, public sector organizations are numerous and varied. Government-run organizations exist in all departments and sectors. What we need to do as a society is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these public sector organizations and revise the existing policies to make these organizations more efficient.

Pre Eminence

The public sector is an important part of society that carries a great deal of responsibility. Government jobs are available for skilled citizens who are willing to devote their time and energy to the betterment of society. For example, in Pakistan, the public sector is the most important channel for generating employment. The public sector has an opportunity to engage more people in economic development and service provision. The current size of the public sector in Pakistan is small but this number is slowly increasing due to the fact of its profitability. The public sector is an important component of the economy of Pakistan because it provides a large number of jobs to a significant portion of the population. It also provides essential goods and services for Pakistanis; in the case of Pakistan, these goods and services are numerous.

Note for Public Sector Organization Careers

The public sector is the largest part of the economy in Pakistan. It is responsible for the governance and development of the country, something which, in other countries, is undertaken by the private sector. The public sector includes all the government agencies and organizations that are funded by the government. Here are some of the public sector organizations that you can work for. There are various job openings in the Public Sector depending on the specialization you are looking for. See some of the available jobs in Pakistan Nowadays.


The public sector in Pakistan is the backbone of the economy of the Pakistani workforce employed within the public sector. A lot of jobs in Pakistan are available in the public sector and here we look at the different jobs in the public sector and the qualifications required to work in them. Many powerful people of this country are sitting in the chair of these organizations. But there are many hidden facts, which are not known to anyone.

Preconditions for Public Sector Organization Careers

These organizations have been doing their work silently and effectively for years and making this country a developed nation. Pakistanis are facing a tough time these days. They are ready to work in any sector. In addition to this, the Pakistani government has approved the establishment of several public sector organizations. The process of applying for jobs in various departments is very tiresome and redundant. It takes a lot of time, effort, and a good amount of money. But the question is how do the departments choose the candidates who are barely qualified for the post? That’s the case because of the lack of a proper process of recruitment. Here are some of the steps which can be taken to improve the process of recruitment in the public sector organization.

Public Sector Organization Jobs 2022
Public Sector Organization Jobs 2022