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Pakistani businesses are always looking for ways to increase their productivity and profitability. This is why many are deciding to invest in the latest technology. Pakistan Television Corporation Limited PTV careers are creating an online hiring profile for companies, and this includes many more benefits. For those interested in pursuing a career in television, PTV offers a variety of opportunities. Candidates should be proficient in English and Urdu. At PTV, the good news is that there are no age restrictions on employment. In other words, the corporation offers jobs for the young and old, men and women, and even the disabled. The required qualifications include a bachelor’s degree with experience. Pakistani are quite lucky to have the PTV TV Network, as it is the only state-owned television channel with a nationwide reach. PTV is a state-owned broadcaster with a variety of jobs and careers available in different departments.

Detail of Vacancies

News Caster
News Editor
Script Writer
Background Vice Over
Make Over
Content Developer
Concept Developer
Source: Daily Khabrain

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Note for PTV Jobs

PTV, a part of the Ministry of Information, is one of Pakistan’s two state-owned TV channels. The PTV is the leading TV channel in the country with a reach of over 85% and viewership in excess of many hours a day. PTV Pakistan has been in operation for many years, of which most of its programs are covered by a team of more than thousands of employees. It is the only TV channel in Pakistan that is allowed to broadcast cricket matches, and the channel’s sports programs are often watched by over one million people. PTV Pakistan broadcasts a wide variety of programs including news, dramas, debates, quizzes, films, religious shows, and much more. It showcases different dramas and events that are entertaining and engaging for the audience. PTV has a lot of popular shows, such as Jago Pakistan, and many others.

There are different jobs and careers for both men and women. Careers at PTV are open to men and women. PTV is the country’s national television channel and an important medium of mass communication in Pakistan. TV is a vital medium of mass communication in Pakistan and has been for many years. When the country was first designed, the federal government wanted to ensure that it could provide national television services. The station was set up to broadcast cultural, educational, and news content in English, Urdu, and regional languages. When it was launched, it was the first television station and has always been a source of extensive knowledge. Pakistan Television Corporation Limited is a public corporation in charge of all the TV broadcast operations in Pakistan. Its mission is to provide quality broadcasts while delivering to Pakistani audiences all forms of media content in Urdu, English, and regional languages.

Important Note for PTV Jobs

Pakistan Television Corporation Limited is one of the state-claimed stations in Pakistan. The channel has been operating for many years and is the largest channel in the country. PTV covers many international cities and broadcasts programs in so many languages. The channel broadcasts some of Pakistan’s popular TV shows such as Silsila and Baaghi. PTV also broadcasts live coverage of various events such as Independence Day, the President’s Address, the Prime Minister’s Address, the inaugural, international conferences, and government meetings. Pakistan Television Corporation Limited PTV is a family-friendly TV channel, which is known as a leading TV channel for viewers on every level of society. It provides a variety of programs, shows, dramas, and live events on different levels with a strong foundation and a reliable team. The TV channel has a long history of providing qualitative content for the viewers of Pakistan.

PTV started as a black-and-white transmission and the first program to be broadcast was the Flag of Pakistan. The Pakistan Television Corporation Limited is a Pakistani television network that covers a wide range of programs. One can find some of the world’s best dramas, comedies, and documentaries on PTV. Candidates have to be qualified in English and Urdu to apply for these jobs. PTV careers in Pakistan are available for both males and females. These jobs include news anchor, live television producer, sports reporter, director, deputy director, anchor, and many more. One of these positions is a live television producer, which consists of producing live TV shows and managing the visuals in accordance with the production requirements. The live TV producer also assists in the design and development of the show. For PTV careers, interested candidates should send their CVs and PTV will send you an email confirmation.

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Pakistan Television Corporation Limited PTV Jobs 2023