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Pakistan Ordnance Factories is the best source of getting all the latest job vacancies in Pakistan. It’s a great way to find vacancies for students and unemployed people to get POF careers in Pakistan. With Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) being one of the largest arms manufacturing plants in the world, the factories have been historically important in the defence and production of firearms. POF is not only a valuable resource for Pakistan’s defense needs but it is also an opportunity for new jobs and careers. Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) has many new job openings for skilled workers in skilled trades. It is important to note that POF is a military establishment and therefore, the candidates are required to be on the military enlistment register. Pakistan Ordnance Factories is always looking for skilled labor in the following trades: Metalworkers, Toolmakers, Mechanical engineers, Electricians, and Electronic engineers, etc.

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MRI Technician
Chargeman Chemical
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Jobs in Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF for Education Posts

The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is a state-owned defence contractor of Pakistan, which was established in collaboration with the British Government. It is located in Wah Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan, and is an entirely Pakistani military industry. The company produces various weapons and ammunition for the Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, Armed Forces, as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The company is in the process of many modernization projects to equip it for the future. The Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) have always been a state-owned defense contractor of Pakistan and an entirely Pakistani military-industrial complex that was established in previous years and then officially inaugurated.

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is a state-owned company that mainly produces military and defense-related items. It has a diverse range of products, including small arms, ammunition, military vehicles, military electronics, body armor, and naval vessels. POF is the leading arms manufacturer in Pakistan. The company is a three-tier structure, where the top tier is the Board of Directors, the middle tier is the general management staff and the bottom tier is the semi-skilled laborers. POF has been producing world-class weapons for many years, its workforce includes a total of thousands of employees. Today, POF operates as a lead supplier to Pakistan’s armed forces.

Important Note for Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs

Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF, specifically a company that operates in the Military Electronics and Weapons Systems sectors. The Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF is a Pakistani company that is responsible for the design and manufacture of military weapons. The company is a major player in the global defense industry, with its products being used by armed forces across the world. Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF has been making a wide range of products, from small arms to armored vehicles to power generators. With clients around the world including countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF has been as successful as any other international company.

Pakistan Ordnance Factories is the premier weapon manufacturer and primary supplier of military weaponry for the Pakistani military. It is the largest institution of its kind in Pakistan. POF has supplied the Pakistani military with a wide variety of weapons including combat aircraft, missiles, armored vehicles, small arms, and associated ammunition. The factories are located in Wah Cantt, Punjab which is a short distance away from Islamabad. The company was founded during the British colonial era and has since become one of Pakistan’s largest industrial corporations.

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) is a Pakistan-based defence company and the only state-owned production unit for small arms, artillery, ammunition, and military equipment and accessories. The company was established as a public sector entity under the Ministry of Defense Production of the government of Pakistan. POF has manufacturing facilities in Wah Cantonment and Karachi. POF products include pistols, rifles, machine guns, light machine guns, counter-battery radars, artillery and rocket systems, mortars, bombs, projectiles, missile systems, air defence systems, heavy machine guns, thermal weapons sights, night sights, automatic grenade launchers, and various types of ammunition.

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Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Jobs 2022