PDA Jobs 2023 Peshawar Development Authority

Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to work in the government sector and help build up Pakistan’s second-largest city? Peshawar Development Authority has been looking for people like you. PDA offers some very lucrative career opportunities in the field of engineering where you can make a difference! Do you want to work in Peshawar but are not sure where to start? The Peshawar Development Authority PDA can help! Here are some quick facts about this agency. They have many years of experience, they have a wide range of job opportunities available for qualified professionals, and they offer competitive salaries. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work with a reputable company that is dedicated to making lives better, then check out what PDA has to offer today. Whether you’re looking for full-time jobs, PDA will cover some of the most exciting opportunities that are currently open.

Detail of Vacancies

Legal Expert
Lead Auditor
Quantity Surveyor
Legal Associate
Internal Auditor
Assistant Quantity Surveyor
Source: Daily DAWN

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About PDA

Peshawar Development Authority PDA is an essential source for all the latest Peshawar Development Authority vacancies. The Peshawar Development Authority has been created to develop, regulate and control land use in the city of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. If you are looking for a job with the authority, then this post will provide information on how to apply or where to find out more about current jobs within the organization. The organization provides services such as building and constructing new homes, redeveloping old buildings into residential units, and supporting local businesses with loans to create jobs in the city. These services not only provide income for many people but also help build community pride which is essential to sustainable growth.

Important Note for PDA Jobs

Peshawar Development Authority PDA is a centralized organization in Peshawar, Pakistan. It was established with the goal of developing and maintaining communities in Peshawar by providing safe and affordable housing for low-income families. PDA offers competitive salaries that will allow you to live comfortably while working hard to make your community better! With the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) on a mission to make Peshawar a bustling and vibrant city, it’s important for all of us to know about the job opportunities and careers available in PDA. Peshawar Development Authority is a unique institution as it has been established for the first time in the history of Pakistan. The PDA is currently accepting applications from around the country, so if this sounds like something that interests you, please visit their website. This blog post will focus on what positions are open and how to apply!

Peshawar City became one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas and its population exceeded millions of people which led to an unprecedented need for infrastructure development. The establishment of PDA was among many initiatives taken by the government to address this need. As such, PDA has grown into a complex and multi-functional organization that deals with various aspects of urbanization including; housing, health care, education, and security amongst others. Peshawar Development Authority PDA is a government organization that oversees the construction and development of Peshawar. It was established in the past, but it has been around for many years since its predecessor agency was founded to handle urban planning for Peshawar. Your future could be with PDA if you have an architecture degree or engineering skills! Read on to find out what jobs are available at this important organization PDA.

Peshawar Development Authority PDA Jobs 2023