Patwari Jobs 2022 in Pakistan

Patwari is a government job that is offered to candidates after the successful completion of their intermediate education. Patwari jobs are available in many provinces of Pakistan for example Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, Patwari careers in Pakistan are very famous and in demand. They have played a vital role in the development of the country. Candidates who are having master’s degrees in commerce can appear in the exam of patwari careers. Patwari means an official who keeps account of the land revenue or revenue from sources other than land. They perform various functions like Collection of revenue from the people for the government. Patwari is a local government official who maintains land and property records on behalf of the state. He is an authority on property tax, assessment, and other related matters. The Patwari Job Responsibilities in Pakistan have been explained here.

Detail of Vacancies

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Important Note for Patwari Careers

A Patwari is a famous government employee whose main responsibility is to maintain the land records of any area. A patwari basically maintains the database of any village or area and updates it when any changes happen. A patwari is a small town-level employee who is authorized to collect data regarding agricultural and non-agricultural taxes, land holdings, crop estimation, information about prospective crop areas, etc. What is the Definition of a Patwari? Patwari is a functionary attached to the Revenue Department of the Government of Pakistan. I hope this blog will help you to find the latest information about Patwari, Govt., and Private Job Opportunities in Pakistan. Patwari is a government job title of a person who keeps account of the government revenues and it is one of the oldest professions in the world. The Patwaris were called Patwaris in Sindh and Malwa from the time of Akbar.

Pre Eminence

Patwari was also known as Kotwali which literally means an office that takes care of revenue collection in a particular locality. One of the most important works of the patwari is to maintain the record of land holdings and cultivation in a village or town in Pakistan. A patwari can also be called a village accountant, as it maintains records of all types of income and taxes for the government. The title Patwari is used for government officials in other countries as well. The Government has announced careers in Patwari. Interested candidates can apply for these jobs by sending their application along with CNIC, domicile, and experience certificate at the address given below. Patwari is the person who maintains land and revenue records in villages and towns in Pakistan. Patwari is usually appointed by Tehsil Municipal Administration or the District government. The equivalent officer is called as Sub Registrar.

Patwari Jobs 2022 in Pakistan
Patwari Jobs 2022 in Pakistan