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The need to fill job vacancies at Pak Arab Refinery Limited, PARCO Jobs has never been greater. The company is working to increase the production of various products from its plants in Karachi and Islamabad which will create more jobs for the country. The company is one of the largest oil refining and petrochemical facilities in Pakistan. PARCO has been established with the aim to improve the country’s economy by providing employment opportunities for many people, while also giving them access to quality products at affordable prices. In the last years, Pakistan has been faced with various internal and external factors that have resulted in a major economic slowdown. In order to address this issue, Pak Arab Refinery Limited PARCO is recruiting for a range of positions. The current company needs civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and other professionals who are interested in these opportunities should apply now!

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Project Manager
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Jobs in Pak Arab Refinery Limited for Management Posts

It is believed that PARCO has been an institution in Pakistan for many years. Founded at the time of partition, it was originally created to process imported crude oil and produce lubricants, kerosene, fuel oils, bitumen, and other petroleum products. Over the past few decades, PARCO has evolved into a multinational company with several divisions including refining and petrochemical plants as well as LPG terminals on both sides of the border. The company’s current focus is on generating electricity and supplying cleaner fuels and more efficient gas technology for cooking stoves to replace traditional wood-fired devices which emit smoke that pollutes indoor air quality as well as reduces forests. To find out more about careers at Pak Arab Refinery Limited visit their Website.

Important Note for PARCO Jobs

The world is changing fast and people are constantly adapting to new trends. One of the major changes that we see in today’s society is an increase in technology and globalization. With this, there has been a rise in multinational companies as well as more individuals looking for jobs and careers abroad. PARCO (Pakistan Arab Refinery Company) is one such company where many go to work each day. PARCO has been committed to developing and preserving the environment. They have a mandate for renewable energy and will be working with the government and other stakeholders to achieve this goal. The company is also dedicated to sustainable development, which includes taking care of communities in their vicinity as well as providing educational opportunities for its employees.

The Pak Arab Refinery Limited, better known as PARCO is a large public sector undertaking that has been operational for many years. In order to fulfill the company’s vision of being a leader in refining and marketing petroleum products, they are always looking for new talent to join their team. The PARCO company provides Careers for people from all walks of life be it graduates or skilled professionals with different qualifications and levels of experience. Pak Arab Refinery Limited provides a variety of manufacturing, refining, marketing, and distribution services to customers around the world. With this expansion, they are seeking qualified individuals with experience in mechanical engineering or chemical process engineering fields as well as managers who have an MBA degree with some years’ experience managing high-tech companies. Contact Human Resources today for more information on available positions!

Pak Arab Refinery Limited PARCO Jobs 2022
Pak Arab Refinery Limited PARCO Jobs 2022