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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is the largest employer of scientific and technical manpower in Pakistan. The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is looking to hire passionate and committed people. The PAEC is the government organization that operates and manages all nuclear power plants in Pakistan. PAEC offers different types of jobs for qualified candidates. PAEC provides its employees with competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and challenging positions. The candidate should have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team and with a wide range of people. The PAEC organization has a chain of posts open for many different kinds of posts which cover a broad range of requirements. The posts are open to all Pakistani citizens, which means that you can apply for them if you fit the criteria of the job. The post on the PAEC is for people who have the required educational background.

Vacancies / Positions

Computer Operator
Junior Assistant-I
Scientific Assistant-II
Junior Assistant-II
Scientific Assistant-III
General Attendant
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Jobs in Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for Technical Posts

Apply today to work for PAEC. You will be required to work under strict security conditions. A career at PAEC would be one that is exciting and fulfilling. PAEC provides a challenging environment, demanding responsibilities, and rewards commensurate with these responsibilities. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is scientific research and nuclear power company in Pakistan. PAEC’s website says that its objectives are to plan, promote, coordinate and carry out activities in nuclear power/atomic energy for peaceful purposes. To promote and coordinate research and development activities in nuclear power/atomic energy and to investigate, monitor, regulate and inspect nuclear installations and waste management activities, etc.

Important Note for PAEC Jobs

PAEC is responsible for the generation, transmission, and supply of nuclear power to consumers in Pakistan. PAEC also undertakes research on nuclear technology, nuclear waste management, and other related fields. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC is a world-class research organization of the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. The PAEC is responsible for maintaining the nuclear weapons for the country. They have declared themselves as an autonomous organization of the Government of Pakistan. They are also engaged in various researches in nuclear physics, chemistry, metallurgy, and many more.

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is one of the most prestigious and respected institutions in Pakistan. It has been providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective nuclear power to its customers. Today, PAEC is the only organization in the world that has developed the capability to generate nuclear power at affordable prices. One of PAEC’s objectives is to provide cost-effective energy solutions to its customers. To this end, it has established a Strategic Business Unit for Nuclear Energy Marketing to help expand PAEC’s reach and share with its customers.

The reason behind the creation of PAEC was to explore nuclear weapons development and space technology. In the decades that followed, PAEC became a major player in nuclear power generation in the country. It also serves as a center of excellence for nuclear research and development and nuclear safety. PAEC is engaged not only in power generation but design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear power plants, reactors, and fuel. The organization was charged with responsibility for conducting research into nuclear power and its use for harnessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The application form for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Jobs may be downloaded from

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Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC Jobs 2022
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC Jobs 2022