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Join Pakistan Air Force PAF as a Pilot or Air Defence Technician. In case you were wondering, there aren’t a lot of other job boards for Pakistani citizens. Recruitment for PAF jobs happens infrequently (usually once or twice a year) and the availability of jobs is usually limited. No TA/DA will be admissible for the test/interview, however, candidates have to pay for their own conveyance and boarding charges during the time of the test/interview. Age relaxation for these posts as per Govt Rules. The PAF is the most important and largest paramilitary force in Pakistan. It is a volunteer force that serves under the defense ministry of Pakistan and operates under civilian authority. It is under a dual chain of command. The Air Force actively takes part in protecting the security of Pakistan from external aggression, as well as in international peacekeeping missions.

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Aero Trades
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Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, and its primary mission is to provide aerial defense of Pakistan. PAF consists of thousands of active-duty officers, including Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, airmen, and airwomen. In addition to these regulars, there is a large number of reservists serving in PAF on a full-time basis, many of whom have retired from military service but are still eligible for recall in case of emergency or war. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the air arm of the Pakistan Armed Forces, it is one of the largest air forces in the world; consisting of many divisions and several aircraft squadrons. The PAF also has access to unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the lead aviation branch of the Pakistani military, tasked with the aerial defense of Pakistan.

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The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the leading air arm of the Pakistan Armed Forces; it is among the largest air forces in the world. Its primary responsibility is to secure Pakistan’s airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during a conflict. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the leading air arm of the Pakistanis military. With the PAF, you’ll be ready to take off in no time with a variety of modern and vintage aircraft at your command. Even though the Pakistan Air Force has tremendous aerial capabilities, it is better than anything else in the South Asian region and comes in handy during emergency situations. The PAF can become a formidable foe if they are properly outnumbered. The PAF has been involved in numerous combat and non-combat operations. Since it began its airstrikes, the PAF has been a major regional power and its doctrines of “defense”.


From its humble beginnings to the newest acquisitions received through state-of-the-art technology, the PAF has certainly come a long way. The PAF Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of aviation in Pakistan and its role in national development. It holds collections of aircraft, flight simulators, photographs, uniforms, and other memorabilia from the air force’s history. This is the place for Pakistanis and people around the world who want to know about jobs in PAF Pakistan. Here you can find all the information regarding job opportunities in Pakistan Air Force. The Pakistan Air Force, commonly known as the PAF is a professional air arm of the Pakistan Armed Forces. A major opportunity has arisen for Pakistani citizens to apply to Pakistan Air Force as per PAF Jobs. The Pakistani armed forces’ jobs are published in various leading news media and newspapers and also it is notified on the official website.

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