Jobs in Sahiwal Punjab Pakistan

Sahiwal is one of the most fertile and green cities in Pakistan. It is a small city and district located in the south of Punjab province Pakistan. The city is famous for its hot weather and citrus fruit production. Sahiwal is a city in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Sahiwal is the 2nd most populated city in the province after Faisalabad. The city was founded as an administrative base for a newly formed district by Raja Sahib Singh Bedi, a Sikh nobleman who was awarded the jagir of the town as a reward for his loyalty to the British during the Anglo-Sikh wars. The city is the capital of the Sahiwal District and is located near Multan. However, the city was settled by British Governors. It’s the best place in Pakistan. Especially for local and foreign tourists. It is well known for its agricultural production. Jobs in Sahiwal Punjab Pakistan.

Detail of Vacancies

Site Manager
Site Supervisor
Senior Research Officer
Research Officer
Heavy Machinery Operator
Heavy Machinery Driver
Lab Attendant
Source: Daily Express

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Important Note for Sahiwal Jobs

The Sahiwal is a breed of dairy and beef cattle that originated in the Sahiwal region, Pakistan. They are a medium-sized breed and are known for their high milk production. The Sahiwal has been exported to many countries, including Australia, East Africa, and the United Kingdom. The Sahiwal is a breed of Bovine that originated from Pakistan. The animal is the commonest cattle breed in the country and is mostly found in central plains, which are below 400 meters. The Sahiwal is one of the few breeds that give high milk yields. This is an important breed of cattle that is endemic to the Punjab province. Indeed, it originated in the present-day Sahiwal district of Punjab, Pakistan. Sahiwal breed is found in some regions of India and Pakistan. It is a medium to large breed of zebu cattle. It is known for its fast growth rate and heat resistance.

Pre Eminence

In Pakistan, Sahiwal cattle are considered the national animal. Sahiwal is a city found in Punjab, Pakistan. It is also the capital of the Sahiwal District. It is considered the producer of tobacco, cotton seeds, camel, and dairy products. The famous Sahiwal Commercial Market is also located here. It is the capital of the Sahiwal District and the administrative headquarters of the Sahiwal Division. Sahiwal is about many km from Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province, and about some more km from Faisalabad city. The city is the main center of cotton, rice, and sugar cane. It lies approximately many km southeasts of Lahore, on the Grand Trunk Road and Motorway.

Jobs in Sahiwal Punjab Pakistan