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Intelligence Bureau is the largest and oldest national intelligence agency in Pakistan. It was established to provide intelligence and counterintelligence services to the Government of Pakistan. The Intelligence Bureau is a civilian intelligence agency that is primarily concerned with internal security, counterintelligence as well as analysis of key political issues and personalities in Pakistan. Intelligence Bureau IB is a federal government intelligence agency under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. The main objective of IB is to gather intelligence related to activities that may pose a threat to the internal politics and economy of the country. The agency monitors extremist groups both in Pakistan and abroad. This department also provides protection to the current government of Pakistan. If you are interested in joining this department, then you must have to fulfill some requirements which are mentioned below for IB Jobs.

Detail of Vacancies

Data Entry Operator
General Duty GD
Inspector Technical
Data Entry Operator
Vehicle Mechanic
Source: Daily Mashriq

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Jobs in Intelligence Bureau IB for Technical Posts

What are careers in Intelligence Bureau IB? The Intelligence Bureau is the agency responsible for gathering intelligence on internal and external threats to the safety and security of Pakistan. Work in the Intelligence Bureau Pakistan Ever wonder what it’s like to work at IB Pakistan? What do you need to be able to do in order to be successful? This site is for all job seekers in Pakistan, who are looking for jobs in Intelligence Bureau and other Departments. Careers in IB can be found here. IB careers for experienced and fresh graduates. Currently, there is a large number of vacancies in the intelligence bureau departments of IB Pakistan. Candidates from all over Pakistan are encouraged to apply for these positions via their website. Intelligence Bureau is one of the top job and career resources in Pakistan. It provides a platform for job seekers to find their desired jobs online.

Concerning Intelligence Bureau IB

It is Pakistan’s main security agency, working in close coordination with the Federal Investigation Agency. The Intelligence Bureau is responsible for providing intelligence about the potential threats and risks to the country, and it is tasked with investigating such threats and risks. IB provides intelligence to the Government of Pakistan decision-makers on important issues like policy, diplomacy, national security, intelligence assessments, and international relations. The Intelligence Bureau works day and night to protect Pakistan. They work on a wide range of tasks from intelligence gathering, intelligence assessment, and estimation to counter-terrorism law enforcement and border security.


The Intelligence Bureau is the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan. It is located in Islamabad and headed by a Director-General. It works under the control of the Government of Pakistan and reports its activities directly to the Prime Minister. All the latest and updated information regarding careers in IB Pakistan. It is the best place to search for jobs and career opportunities in Intelligence Bureau Pakistan. It provides an interactive platform for job seekers and employers to connect with each other. Apply online for the latest vacancies in the IB Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan, or find a suitable career opportunity from these vacancies.

Specifications for Intelligence Bureau IB Careers

You’re in luck because I am a current Intelligence Officer with the IB and I will be answering some of your most frequently asked questions about what my day-to-day life is like. Do I need to speak Urdu to work at the IB? One major misconception about working at the IB is that you need to speak Urdu fluently. The major languages that we use are English and Urdu. If you already speak English, then you are all set to start work at the IB.

Important Note for IB Jobs

The IB is the intelligence agency of Pakistan responsible for gathering both domestic and international intelligence, as well as countering terrorist activities. IB is part of the Ministry of Interior and is headed by the director-general of the IB. The Government of Pakistan, through the Ministry of Interior, established the Directorate for Intelligence Bureau. The IB Directorate was given the role of collecting intelligence through military and civilian means for the Pakistani government. Intelligence Bureau IB was later restructured and renamed the IB. This agency was later split into two divisions, one focusing on Security, and the other on Intelligence.

The bust of an Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) Pakistan branch near Islamabad has been a significant and successful win in the War on Terrorism. The Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan is a domestic intelligence service, with the main goal being to protect the interests of Pakistan’s government. The agency has a long and important history, including helping to develop Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. As of the last year, the agency is tasked with developing strategic intelligence for the Pakistani military, the government, and other international organizations. The agency was first formed with the help of the Pakistan Army. The agency has been involved in developing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.

Intelligence Bureau has a long history in the region and has had a major impact on the shaping political history of this nation. In the past, the Intelligence Bureau has played a major role in establishing a democratic Pakistan, protecting the lives of foreign ministers, and aiding in the prevention of an all-out war between India and Pakistan.  Currently, Intelligence Bureau IB Careers highlights the magnitude of work that the bureau does to protect this nation. The intelligence gathering, analysis, and surveillance is done by Army officers, civilians, and military police.

Intelligence Bureau Pakistan IB Jobs 2022
Intelligence Bureau Pakistan IB Jobs 2022