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GHQ Rawalpindi is the military headquarters of the Pakistani Army. It is located away from Islamabad but is still considered to be on the outskirts of Rawalpindi. This location is in the mountain ranges in Northern Pakistan. The military base in Rawalpindi is not only for the Pakistani Army, but also features the GHQ Line. This line is a defensive line that was created in order to protect Pakistan from potential attacks. The Pakistan Army General Headquarters GHQ is currently accepting applications for civilian jobs. The GHQ can offer civilians an opportunity to join the team and work alongside the military. These are only careers related to the GHQ. Our jobs are diverse and include positions in office management, accounting, cost control, logistics, hospitality, information technology, human resources, education, human rights, translation, bookkeeping, and more. If you are interested in joining the GHQ team, you must submit your application.

Detail of Vacancies

Law Graduates for Internship
Naib Qasid
Sanitary Worker
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Important Note for General Head Quarter Rawalpindi Jobs

The General Head Quarter of Pakistan is GHQ Rawalpindi. It is an important building and is the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. The building is built in a very strategic place and is south of the Attock Bridge and northeast of the city of Rawalpindi. It is located in a very mountainous area and is situated in a position where it dominates the area. The idea behind building the GHQ in this location was to have a strong military force that would be able to meet any potential enemy who would invade Pakistan. It is a massive construction that has a four-story building that includes various departments that are responsible for different operations.

Pre Eminence for GHQ Careers

The Pakistani Army is a major player in Pakistan’s security and economic life. It is a professional, volunteer, and democratic institution with a national mandate. Pakistan Army’s basic doctrine is to be able to withstand a simultaneous two-front war in a short period if the situation in the world does not permit a favorable outcome. The importance of the Army as a security institution is recognized in the constitution of Pakistan, as it is the only one mentioned therein. The army is also termed the most respected institution in Pakistan.

The army is a force to be reckoned with and the GHQ is a center for operations. The GHQ Rawalpindi Pakistan is a compound of military headquarters and hospitals where the General Headquarters of the Pakistan Armed Forces is located. It’s a very important military installation that was established in the past during the Pakistani War of Independence. They have been instrumental in times of conflict from fueling troops to taking care of survivors, from developing strategic plans to bodyguard services.

General Head Quarter GHQ Jobs 2022
General Head Quarter GHQ Jobs 2022