FIA Jobs Advertisement 2023

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a multi-agency law enforcement agency under the Ministry of Interior of the Pakistani government. The agency is responsible for investigating cases of terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling, money laundering, Child pornography, and cybercrime. The FIA has a wide mandate and its officers are often involved in high-profile cases. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, FIA officers must undergo a rigorous training process. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the FIA jobs and an advertisement, including the requirements to become an FIA officer, the training process, and the benefits of joining the FIA.

What is FIA and what are its functions?

The FIA is Pakistan’s premier law enforcement agency and it is responsible for a range of activities, from investigating heinous crimes and apprehending criminals to advocating for human rights issues. Its main objective is to ensure law and order in Pakistan and the surrounding region. The FIA functions as a federal agency and performs investigations at the request of other government and law enforcement agencies. It has jurisdiction in all the provinces, as well as in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It also works closely with Interpol to apprehend international criminals. Moreover, the FIA also serves as the central point of contact for all foreign intelligence agencies.

What are the requirements to become an FIA employee?

The FIA recruits employees on a regular basis and selections are based on merit according to jobs advertisement. All applicants must have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and they must be between the ages of 18-25 years. In addition to the academic requirements, applicants must also undergo a comprehensive selection process comprised of medical examinations, physical tests, psychological tests, interviews, and a background investigation. Candidates must demonstrate good physical fitness, mental agility, and a good moral character.

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The rigorous training process of the FIA

Once selected, new recruits must complete the FIA Basic Training Course which is conducted at the National Police Academy in Islamabad. The course spans four weeks and covers a wide range of topics, including national and international laws and regulations, as well as police tactics and procedures. During the training, officers are also instructed on the proper use of firearms and they are taught a focused approach to crime prevention, investigation, and apprehension of criminals. Upon successful completion of the course, the recruits are issued the FIA Badge which is the badge of honor and marks a successful completion of the training process.

What are the benefits of joining FIA?

FIA officers are rewarded handsomely for their hard work and dedication. They are entitled to good salaries, as well as numerous other benefits including housing, medical coverage, and life insurance. FIA officers also enjoy extended leave periods that can be utilized for vacation and relaxation. Moreover, FIA officers are given ample opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Officers are encouraged to pursue higher education and professional training and the government provides financial assistance for those who want to do so.

What are the career paths in FIA?

The jobs in the FIA are vast and with the promotion scheme in place, employees can work their way up the ladder according to the conditions in the advertisement. There are multiple positions available in the FIA which range from joining as a constable or sergeant and later becoming a superintendent or additional inspector general. The opportunities available in the agency also include forensic and intelligence work, as well as specialized roles such as legal advisors. Hence Click Here to apply.


The career of an FIA employee is a long and rewarding one. It is a job that requires strong dedication, commitment, and courage. The rigors of the training and selection process mean that only the best of the best make it through, but those who do are handsomely rewarded. With its diverse career paths, ample benefits, and excellent remuneration, the FIA is an attractive option for those who want to serve their country and protect the lives of its citizens.

FIA Jobs Advertisement 2023