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The Excise and Taxation Department is responsible for the implementation of the Federal Excise Law and Customs Law in Pakistan. The department provides assistance to the Federal Board of Revenue in the collection of revenue by way of excise duty, sales tax, income tax, customs duty, etc. The Excise and Taxation Department has recently offered several jobs in the department. If you are looking for Excise and Taxation careers, then this is a golden chance to get one such job at the headquarters of the excise and taxation department. The posts offer a lucrative pay scale with perks and other benefits that can be quite beneficial for you. This opportunity provides an excellent platform to start your career. The department needs people with a passion for public service, who are willing to work in difficult conditions and put the well-being of their community ahead of their own.

Detail of Vacancies

Hardware Technician
Network Technician
Computer Technician
Data Entry Operator
UDC Upper Division Clerk
LDC Lower Division Clerk
Documents Scanning Clerk
Assistant Storekeeper
Photocopy Machine Operator/DMO
Dispatch Rider/Runner
Naib Qasid
Sanitary Worker
Source: Daily Express

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Important Note for Excise and Taxation Department Jobs

The excise and Taxation Department is a department of the Pakistani government responsible for imposing taxes on goods manufactured within Pakistan, or imported into the country, for consumption or sale in Pakistan. Excise Duty refers to a type of consumption tax. It is levied on certain products produced in Pakistan, or imported into Pakistan for sale. The Excise Duty Ordinance is legislation that lays down the principles governing the imposition, rates, and collections of this duty. The Excise and Taxation Department is a part of the Federal Board of Revenue responsible for administering taxes on goods and services across Pakistan. Hence Excise and Taxation Department is also responsible for testing and certification certain products. The Excise and Taxation Department of FBR is one of the important divisions which is responsible for collecting the indirect taxes of excise on manufacture, production, import, and sale of goods throughout Pakistan.

Pre Eminence

It was established under the provisions of Article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This department has to collect all types of taxes, duties, and fees. They are assigned to tax all types of businesses, products, and services. The department also undertakes steps to ensure that the tax system is implemented fairly and effectively in all sectors of the economy. In Karachi, Excise & Taxation Department is established in every district to compensate for the loss of revenue due to smuggling, pilferage of oil, gas, cigarettes, and other goods, and to recover tax on goods so as to ensure optimum utilization of national resources. The Excise & Taxation Department is the conduit through which Government presents its financial policies to the public. The Department is under the Ministry of Finance. The mission of the department is to collect revenue through direct & indirect taxes on excisable goods.

Note for Excise and Taxation Department Posts

The Excise and Taxation Department is an important department used to manage the taxation and revenue of the government of Pakistan. This department deals with all the taxes that are imposed upon products or services in the country. Excise tax is imposed on a wide range of goods, including tobacco, carbonated drinks, and even chewing gum. An excise is a tax paid on certain goods produced within a country or sold domestically. Excises are typically imposed in addition to a country’s value-added tax (VAT). They are often used in conjunction with customs duties. Excises are typically imposed on luxury goods. In other countries, excise taxes are sometimes referred to as special taxes. Excise taxes generally target specific kinds of goods.

Excise and Taxation Department Jobs 2022
Excise and Taxation Department Jobs 2022