Custom Jobs 2023 in Pakistan

Pakistan Customs has various vacant positions for the citizens of Pakistan. If you are interested in applying for one of these vacant positions then please contact the nearest office of Pakistan Customs. Pakistan Custom Department welcomes you, and invites you to explore all of the Jobs within our team! There are many important and rewarding positions available to you if you are ready to start a new journey with us, or if you are interested in transferring. You may find your ideal assignment by browsing the list of open positions, which is based on your desired qualifications. The following positions are just a few of the opportunities available: Clerk, Customs Inspector, and Deputy Director. The perfect position for you is out there- we just need to find it! If you’re interested in learning more about these positions or any other, please visit our website or contact our friendly staff.

Detail of Vacancies

Deputy Director
Customs Inspector
Intelligence Officer
Senior Clerk
Junior Clerk
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About Pakistan Custom Jobs

Pakistan Customs Department is the most important federal department that administers the import and export of goods and collects customs duties and taxes on them. Presently, this department has about 50,000 employees, which is inadequate for the required tasks and this is the reason that there are always shortages. The Pakistani customs department has one of the most challenging careers in the public sector. The customs department deals with large amounts of imports and exports, processing all kinds of customs-related documentation, dealing with the paperwork of companies, making sure that trade between nations is conducted legally, and ensuring that importation or exportation of goods or products to or from Pakistan are done without any hassle. This is the perfect opportunity for the citizens to join! The benefits of these jobs include but are not limited to Job security, Career progression, An attractive salary, and A great work environment.

Important Note for Custom Jobs

Customs duties are a tax that is placed on goods that are being imported from one country to another. Customs duties are placed for a number of different reasons, such as the promotion of domestic products, collecting revenue, and protecting domestic industries from international competition. In Pakistan, Customs duties are placed on a number of different goods, ranging from electronics to sugar to fresh fruit. The goal of the customs duty is to protect the Pakistani economy and all of its wealth. In Pakistan, officers from the Customs Department monitor and collect customs duties on goods imported into the country. If the customs duty is not paid, it can result in a fine or imprisonment.

The Pakistani Customs Department is a compulsory agency of the national government of Pakistan. They are responsible for collecting customs duties, taxes, and tolls from those importing or exporting goods from Pakistan. The department is divided into four main groups: the Anti-Income Tax Department, the Excise and Taxation Department, the Narcotics Control Bureau, and the Federal Board of Revenue. Pakistan Customs Department is a compulsory agency.

Pre Eminence

The Pakistan Customs Department is an important government department. Pakistan Customs Department is created and regulated by the Customs Act. PCD is responsible for the economic and social security of Pakistan, by controlling imports and exports and preventing smuggling and other economic crimes. Pakistan Customs Department is tasked with managing Pakistan’s border and coastline to protect the country from smuggling and other crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Pakistan Customs Department takes its responsibility for security seriously by conducting proper inspections of containers that are sent out of or into Pakistan. The department also conducts raids on businesses to search for smuggled goods, drugs, slaves, weapons, fruits, vegetables, baby clothes, and counterfeit medicines.

Custom Jobs 2023 in Pakistan