Special Allowance 2021 Punjab Finance Department

In a recent announcement, the Government of Punjab has provided a Special Allowance on 25% of basic drawn salary to the employees. This allowance will be payable with effect from July 1, 2021. In the last years, the Punjab government has been trying to bring a revolutionary change in the salary system of the province. They have done such a remarkable job that today their names are not only associated with free education in Punjab, but also with quality education, and a better standard of living for all the citizens of the province. With this objective, they’ve recently announced the Special Allowance 2021 Punjab government employees. The employees will get a salary raise to 25% on the monthly salary. This allowance is not only for those government staff members, who are already receiving a salary but it is also offered to those who are on a lower salary.

The Special Allowance-2021 @% is not admissible to those Civil servants of Government of the Punjab in BS-1 to BS-19 who are drawing any of the following allowances:

  1. Fixed Anti-Corruption Allowance
  2. CM’s Secretariat Allowance
  3. Governor’s House / Secretariat Allowance
  4. Design Allowance
  5. Architecture and town planners
  6. Staff of Bridges of Directorate under C&W Department
  7. Non-practicing (Architect Working in design offices of  architect department / C&W department)
  8. Sessional allowance (Law Department)
  9. Training Allowance (all officers of MPDD involved in training)
  10. Special allowance (qualified paramedic of Punjab emergency and ambulance service)
  11. A Special allowance (directorate general of DG, Protocol)
  12. Special allowance (offices of prosecutor general, Punjab and district setup)
  13. Special allowance (district attorney, DDA & ADA)
  14. Prisons allowance (officers and officials of prison department)
  15. Special allowance (staff of highways patrolling post)
  16. South Punjab secretariat allowance
  17. Police administrative allowance
  18. Special allowance-2009 officers / officials of Secretariat Departments
  19. Civil secretariat allowance
  20. Utility allowance (officers officials of Secretariat Departments)

Special Allowance 2021 Punjab

  1. Superior Executive allowance
  2. Executive allowance
  3. Technical allowance/ special engineering allowance
  4. Technical allowance technical staff of Drug testing labs in punjab
  5. Health professional allowance
  6. Nursing professional allowance
  7. Dress allowance to nurses
  8. Mess allowance to nurses
  9. Health sector reforms allowance/practice compensatory allowance
  10. Anesthesia allowance
  11. Special healthcare allowance
  12. Non-practicing allowance to doctors
  13. Teaching allowance to doctors
  14. Judicial allowance to members of LHC establishment & District judiciary
  15. Special judicial allowance to employees of the establishment of Lahore high court registries & District Judiciary
  16. Project/incentive
  17. Special re-allocation allowance
  18. Public service commission allowance
  19. High-security risk allowance
  20. CTD allowance
  21. Special education allowance


  1. Police law and order allowance
  2. Solicitors allowance
  3. Disturbance allowance
  4. Utility allowance LHC establishment & District judiciary
  5. Special allowance (non-academic staff of MPDD)
  6. Explosive handling allowance (Bomb Disposal Commanders/technician of civil defense)
  7. Special allowance (officers/ official of the directorate of reclamation and probation (Home Department)

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Special Allowance 2021 Punjab Finance Department
Special Allowance 2021 Punjab Finance Department