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The Capital Development Authority CDA Jobs is an extraordinary opportunity for candidates who are looking for a government job. Interested candidates can now apply for the CDA careers by sending their application form through the email address. The CDA provides you with all the relevant information regarding the CDA Job opportunities, the qualifications needed, and the procedure to apply. All of these jobs have a requirement of a Master’s degree or equivalent degree with a minimum of three years of experience. For all the vacancies, the Capital Development Authority will be conducting an open test. The Capital Development Authority uses a wide variety of job postings to find people to fill positions in the field. These postings are divided up into different departments such as project management and inspection. The CDA can also be contacted if someone is looking for a specific job.

Vacancies / Positions

01 Cardiac Surgeon
02 Cardiologist Interventional
03 Hematologist
04 Surgeon Urology
05 Associate Cardiac Anesthetist
06 Associate Anesthetist
07 Registrar Cardiac Surgery
08 Associate Cardiac Surgeon
09 Intensivist
10 Associate Cardiologist Interventional
11 Associate Pulmonologist
12 Associate Physician
13 Associate Radiologist
14 Associate Gynecologist
15 Deputy Director Medical
16 Physiotherapist
17 Medical Officer
18 Assistant Anesthetist
19 Clinical Bio Chemist
20 Perfusionist
21 Librarian
22 Staff Nurse
23 Technologist Imaging
24 Technologist Nuclear
25 Bio-Medical Associate Engineer

26 Sub Engineer Electronics
27 Laundry Supervisor
28 Store Keeper
29 Junior Technician Dental
30 Junior Technician Cardiac Anesthesia
31 Junior Technician Anesthesia
32 Junior Technician Cardiac Operation Theater
33 Junior Technician Operation Theater
34 Junior Technician Endoscopy
35 Junior Technician Sterilization
36 Junior Technician Endoscopy
37 Junior Technician LHV
38 Junior Technician Medical Transcriptionist
39 Junior Technician Radiographer
40 Junior Technician Dispenser
41 Junior Technician ECG
42 Junior Technician Oxygen
43 Junior Technician Midwife
44 Junior Technician Blood Bank
45 Junior Technician Physiotherapy
46 Lady HouseKeeper
47 Telephone Operator
48 Head Cook
49 Tailor
50 Security Guard
51 Boiler Attendant
52 Cook
53 X-Ray Attendant
54 Masalchi/Bearer
55 ECG Attendant Female
56 OT Assistant
57 Cleaner
58 Khakroob
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Jobs in Capital Development Authority for Management Posts

The Capital Development Authority is responsible for carrying out the development of Islamabad’s infrastructure. The CDA manages many areas including housing, roads, schools, healthcare, and food. CDA has developed many areas of Islamabad with the most recent being the Islamabad Highway. The Highway is a high-level toll divided, ten lanes, and three kilometers long. The Capital Development Authority CDA in Pakistan was created to develop capital cities to meet the economic needs of the people. It is responsible for the development of Islamabad, the federal capital, as well as a number of other smaller towns. The idea is to create more jobs and attract foreign investment to Pakistan. The Capital Development Authority is an organization that is responsible for planning and developing capital cities in Pakistan. They work to improve the infrastructure and public space in Pakistan’s major cities.

Important Note CDA Jobs

CDA is the first body to be established under the West Pakistan Town Planning and Development ordinance for the purpose of planning, developing, and managing Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Capital Development Authority (CDA) is an autonomous body of the Federal Government responsible for the development and beautification of Islamabad. CDA is the principal regulatory authority, planning, and development organization of Islamabad Capital Territory. It exists to ensure the orderly, harmonious, balanced, and sustainable growth of ICT and its environment. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is the government agency responsible for the planning and development of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It was established under the Capital Development Authority Ordinance.

The Capital Development Authority of Pakistan is established to manage and regulate the modernization of Pakistani cities and provide public amenities and services to the urban population. The CDA is now playing a pivotal role in the development of Islamabad as the country’s capital city; it is charged with the responsibility of developing a sustainable, livable, and beautiful Islamabad. The agency collaborates with the Planning and Development Division and various national and international agencies to establish a framework for sustainable development in Islamabad.

Instructions for CDA Jobs

Join the CDA in Pakistan, the Capital Development Authority. CDA is a governmental body responsible for the development of the city of Islamabad. The Capital Development Authority has been an integral part of the city’s development since the late 60s. Capital Development Authority provides a vast range of services for the city, including construction, architectural and engineering design, city planning, environmental and landscape design, urban and rural forestry management, and urban and rural sanitation. The Capital Development Authority CDA has a number of job opportunities and is currently accepting applications for vacancies in various departments. The Capital Development Authority is not just a place to work every day, it is a place to build a future.

Capital Development Authority is a government body for the development of Islamabad. It was established by the Parliament of Pakistan with the object of providing planned urban development and improved facilities for a growing population. Capital Development Authority needs to be staffed with qualified personnel for such a venture. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in urban and regional planning, get in touch with CDA and apply today. It is worth keeping up with the CDA’s job listings page to see what positions have recently become available.

The Capital Development Authority is the fastest-developing organization in Pakistan. The CDA has many departments like Engineering, Project Management, Re-development, Planning, Design, Finance, Administration, Legal, Human resources, etc. The CDA offers many jobs and close opportunities and a good salary. CDA is a department that deals with the development of the new capital of Pakistan. The capital of Pakistan is developing and it needs more manpower. You can find all available job opportunities on the website of CDA.

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Capital Development Authority Islamabad CDA Jobs 2023