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So, what are you waiting for? ANF Anti-Narcotics Force is recruiting fresh graduates and experienced personnel to serve in their various departments. Join the latest ANF Jobs in Pakistan and get a chance to serve your country by joining its force. ANF career is an initiative by the Anti-Narcotics Force to provide career and job opportunities for Pakistanis. The ANF provides the best job opportunities in Pakistan with salary packages, accommodation, and transportation allowance. ANF careers are the best opportunity for all those candidates who are looking for careers in Anti-Narcotics Force Pakistan. The blog post should present and discuss ANF Anti-Narcotics Force Pakistan’s job and career opportunities. Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a GDP that is expected to almost triple over the next fifteen years. As the economy in Pakistan grows, there will be more job and career opportunities for its citizens.

Vacancies / Positions

Assistant BPS-15
Sub Inspector BPS-14
Sub Inspector Hardware BPS-14
Steno-typist BPS-14
Data Entry Operator BPS-14
Photographer BPS-13
UDC Clerk BPS-11
Assistant Sub Inspector BPS-11
LDC Clerk BPS-09
Networking Operator BPS-09
Constable BPS-07
Constable Dog Attendant BPS-07
Driver BPS-04
Naib Qasid BPS-01
Ardelle BPS-01
Waiter BPS-01
Cook BPS-01
Sweeper BPS-01
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Jobs in Anti Narcotics Force ANF for Security Posts

ANF’s vision is to rid the country of its narcotics problem by ridding it of drug traffickers. The force plans to achieve this objective by enforcing the law in a fair and transparent manner, without any discrimination or fear. ANF is Pakistan’s first and only anti-drugs organization that deals in drug abuse prevention, rehabilitation of addicts, and eradication of narcotics from the country. Anti-Narcotics Force is working hard to make a difference in our country by providing an effective solution to a dire problem. The ANF is a specialized security force with the prime objective of combating organized drug crimes. It was established under Anti-Narcotics Force Act, and since then it has made significant achievements in its war against drugs. It aims to eradicate drugs and narcotics from Pakistan. The purpose of ANF is to provide pharmacological assistance for addicts and their families in the treatment of drug addiction.


The ANF is a special agency that was established and has been responsible for the law enforcement of extreme narcotics as it regulates the use of all narcotics in Pakistan. It emphasizes prevention, risk reduction, and harm reduction. It also has a team of experts that conduct drug analysis and substance identification to find and seize the tampered substances that are taken illegally. For people living in Pakistan such as the youth, drug addiction is a very common problem. The ANF is trying to put a stop to this with their new program called “We are ANF”. This program educates the youth about all of the hazards of drug addiction and what they can do to stop it.

Note for ANF Careers

The Narcotic Force is an organization created to help combat this problem and bring down the rates of drug use in Pakistan. The Narcotics Force is a Pakistani government organization that is primarily focused on combating narcotic-related crime. They work to stop the supply of drugs in the country, and the abuse of drugs and promote drug rehabilitation. The Narcotics Force also works to train and educate law enforcement, government officials, clergy, and society members. The main responsibility of the ANF is to enforce the Narcotics Control Act, which is a comprehensive law that regulates the manufacture, sale, and use of opium and other narcotic drugs.

One of the fastest-growing sectors in Pakistan is the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF). The ANF is under the auspices of the Government of Pakistan and is primarily tasked with enforcing laws against activities such as smuggling, making, and selling illegal drugs. It is engaged in a program for reform and rehabilitation for those who have fallen prey to drug abuse. The ANF operates at all levels of society.

Important Note for Anti Narcotics Force ANF Jobs

The Anti-Narcotics Force is dedicated to combating the production and distribution of illegal narcotics and psychotropic substances through prevention, supply reduction, enforcement, and rehabilitation. ANF efforts are aimed at restoring the dignity of drug-affected individuals, families, and communities. In Pakistan, drug abuse such as heroin is a major issue. It will be greatly helped if more people know the risks of drug abuse. ANF is a government agency that is helping to fight the battle against drug addiction. Anti-Narcotics Force is working to fight drug addiction in order to help those who became victims. ANF is a force that is responsible for providing a variety of law enforcement services & jobs in Pakistan. The ANF has been in effect for many years and it has helped to significantly reduce drug crime in the country. The ANF also coordinates and supports the operations of other law enforcement agencies to reduce crime.

ANF is an independent department of the Federal Government of Pakistan. It was established under the Police Act, to combat drug trafficking and smuggling. Now it has become a highly respectable department that has made many achievements in its domain. As a law enforcement agency, its main function is to combat illicit drugs and narcotics trade and smuggling within the country. The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) is a law enforcement agency of Pakistan under the Ministry of Interior. Its major functions include combating smuggling and the use of illegal narcotics, particularly in Pakistan. The Anti-Narcotics Force ANF is a national enforcement agency that has been in existence for many and has helped significantly reduce drug crime in Pakistan. The ANF also works with other agencies to coordinate and support operations in order to reduce crime rates. Narcotics-related crime is an issue that is a problem throughout the world.

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Anti Narcotics Force ANF Jobs 2023