Agriculture Department Punjab Jobs 2022

The Punjab Agriculture Department is the leading agency for agricultural development in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The department was established and played a significant role in developing vast tracts of newly irrigated land throughout the province. Today, it continues to play an integral part in developing new technologies that are designed to improve crop yields while simultaneously protecting natural resources such as soils and water. If you’re interested in utilizing your skills within this field, then there are several opportunities available at Agricultural Department. Agricultural Department is currently looking to fill positions related to agriculture along with other fields like finance and marketing. To learn more about these jobs or apply online, simply click here. Similarly, one can get these Jobs in Agriculture Department Punjab Pakistan after the complete process. However, the official Website AgriPunjab

Detail of Vacancies

IT Specialist
Finance Manager
System Network Administrator
Database Administrator
Web Portal Developer
Mobile Applications Developer
Data Analyst
IT Helpdesk Officer
Agricultural Officer
Research Associate GIS
Source: Daily Express

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Important Note for Agriculture Department Punjab Careers

Interested in Punjab Agriculture Department Pakistan? The Punjab government is responsible for agriculture, irrigation, agriculture development, animal resources, directorate of sugarcane, production of fertilizers, an inspection of slaughterhouses, working on models of soil conservation, flood control, agricultural research, livestock development, etc. The department provides statistics on agricultural crops, wheat production, production of sugarcane, agricultural extension work, irrigation activities, livestock development projects, etc. The department provides all kinds of information related to agriculture. Interested in Pakistan’s Punjab Agriculture Department? Visit the Punjab Agriculture Department website to find out more about this agency.

Pakistan has a Green Revolution, which took place in the late 1960s. This allowed the country to become self-sufficient in wheat production. The growing of wheat has been a huge success in Punjab, one of the key agricultural regions of Pakistan. Punjab’s close proximity to the Indus River delta provides an opportunity for irrigation. These two factors make Punjab an ideal place for the green revolution. Pakistan’s wheat production increased from its annual production of 25 million tons to 5 million tons. Punjab Agriculture Department is a part of the Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

In today’s world, it is difficult to be a farmer. In Pakistan, the Punjab Agriculture Department is one of the most respected organizations for a farmer to join. One of the most important aspects of Pakistan’s government is agriculture. The Punjab Agriculture Department has a budget of Rs. 42 billion. Punjab has a lot of agriculture to support the needs of Pakistan, but there are a lot of issues in the current system. One of these issues is that farming in Pakistan is such a burden that many farmers avoid choosing it as a career. Another issue with farming in Pakistan is that there are not enough farmers to grow the food for the nation.

Agriculture Department Punjab jobs 2022
Agriculture Department Punjab jobs 2022