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Jobs in Pakistan are becoming scarce. The economy is suffering and the unemployment rate is slowly climbing higher. If you’re a Pakistani citizen, like me, and you’ve been looking for a job in your home country, then this post is for you. Pakistan Army is one of the major departments where many job opportunities for Pakistani Nationals. When you are looking for a promising career option in Pakistan, there are many options to choose from. You can decide to work for government departments, private sector firms, NGOs, and other organizations. But when it comes to government jobs in Pakistan, there is no dearth of opportunities. Do you want to become a part of the Armed Forces Nursing Service? A wide variety of AFNS Jobs is offered to the people of Pakistan. It is also one of the most prestigious branches of Pakistan’s armed forces.

Detail of Vacancies

BSc Nursing/Trained Nurses
Source: Daily Jang

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Important Note for Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS Jobs

AFNS service of Pakistan is categorized into two service groups, Group A and B. The first group contains permanent civil servants, whereas the second group contains temporary employees. A recruitment process happens for both groups with a certain amount of bureaucratic procedures. The objective of this process is to get the best candidates for every single position. The Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS is the youngest of the world’s Armed forces. It was founded with a strength of some personnel and has since grown over the years to its current size of thousands of active personnel. Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS has an international reputation for providing top-notch training to its Doctors and technicians. In recent years, it has become one of the leading military institutions in Asia.

You can either join in as a commissioned officer and enjoy the prestige or work as a non-commissioned officer and bravely contribute towards the safety of the country. You can go on to be a doctor, a technician, or work in the Army public relations office. Tie with the Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS and live with pride! Here you will find the current and upcoming job positions and careers in Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS for all the candidates who want to join AFNS as a doctor, Technician, or analyst.

Dear reader, are you looking for a challenging and rewarding career with a military organization that provides immense satisfaction? The Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS is always looking for talented and skilled persons to either serve within AFNS or join other AFNS-related organizations. Want to get into the military without your parents trying to talk you out of it? The Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS may be a better option for you.

Armed Forces Nursing Service AFNS Jobs 2023