Cadet College Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Pakistan is a developing country and faces many challenges when it comes to its economy. There are many opportunities for those who want to work in Pakistan, though, especially in the field of education. If you’re looking for Jobs in Cadet College, keep reading for information about the different opportunities available. Pakistan is a country … Read more

Forest Department Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Welcome to the information page of Forest Department Jobs. This page provides all kinds of jobs from private and government sector jobs. You can find jobs here like Sales Officer, Forest Ranger, Forester, Technical Forester, Assistant Director Forestry, Director Forestry, and many more. The Forest Department is a government department that is working on forestry … Read more

ETEA Jobs 2022 Advertisement Apply Online

The government sector has always been the most sought-after sector for job seekers in KPK. Those who love to work within a structured environment with set hours and rules tend to prefer the Government department for their career growth. ETEA Jobs are currently open for those candidates who want to work in the government sector. … Read more

Public Sector Organization Jobs 2022 Advertisement

The Government of Pakistan is the largest employer in Pakistan with a workforce of millions of people. The Public Sector Organization in Pakistan is divided into many categories. The responsibility of each group varies, as each has a different goal or purpose. Pakistan is a developing country with an ever-changing job market and as such, … Read more

Virtual University Jobs 2022 Virtual Education

A professional resume and a good interview can get you that job the company is looking for. There are a variety of Jobs in the Virtual University of Pakistan for someone with high education or someone that wants to get into the work field. Job openings are available for professors, administrative assistants, researchers, developers, designers, … Read more

CTD Jobs 2022 Counter Terrorism Department

Are you interested in a career in Counter Terrorism Department? Are you looking for a security or law enforcement job that might also allow you to serve your country? If so, then this is the place for you! We’ll show you how to apply for a job in CTD and give you some helpful tips … Read more

Ministry of Water Resources Jobs 2022

The Ministry of Water Resources Islamabad is primarily responsible for the management of water resources, freshwater, and sanitation services in Pakistan. The Ministry is also responsible for the formulation of policies and projects for the integrated development of irrigation, agriculture, horticulture, livestock, industry, power, transport, communication, health, education, poverty alleviation, etc. Their vision is to … Read more

Population Welfare Department Jobs 2022

Hi friends, Population welfare department is an important department in Pakistan. It consists of different departments such as family planning, population, and environmental health. The population welfare department provides different jobs such as sanitary workers, kitchen staff, lab technicians, and data collectors. People who love to work with hands should go for sanitary workers whereas … Read more

Electrical Engineering Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Are you an electrical engineer looking to work? Then you’ve come to the right place. Find Electrical Engineering jobs in Pakistan online. Register and Apply. Find your dream job today. You can search for jobs based on companies, location, requirements, and other features. We’ve compiled a list of the highest paying jobs and the top … Read more

Ministry of Commerce Jobs 2022 Advertisement

If you’re someone looking for a career in the Ministry of Commerce, or if you’re an employer who needs to hire a staff member to work in this business sector, you’re in luck. Ministry of Commerce jobs are always needed and always in demand in the workforce. The Ministry of Commerce provides opportunities for those … Read more

MCB Bank Jobs 2022 Advertisement

There are currently openings for many positions at MCB, a leading commercial bank in Pakistan. A Bachelor’s degree is required for these positions, as well as a minimum of three years of work experience. Those who are interested should apply quickly, as the application deadline is due in a few days. Interested in Jobs with … Read more

SNGPL Jobs 2022 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, SNGPL is a state-owned company that was founded to manage the procurement of natural gas for all over Pakistan. It is one of the largest companies in Pakistan under the Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd. The company has been providing services to more than a million customers from … Read more

Agriculture Department Jobs 2022 Advertisement

Are you a Pakistani, who loves to work in a country or on a farm? If you are, you can always ask people if they have any vacancies for you to work with, and it is likely that they will have a few. Today I am going to be going through a few different types … Read more

Agriculture Department Punjab Jobs 2022

The Punjab Agriculture Department is the leading agency for agricultural development in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The department was established and played a significant role in developing vast tracts of newly irrigated land throughout the province. Today, it continues to play an integral part in developing new technologies that are designed to improve crop … Read more

Ministry of Maritime Affairs Jobs 2022

Ministry of Maritime Affairs is responsible for the formulation, coordination, and execution of policy relating to external affairs of the coastal areas within its jurisdiction. It monitors the activities of foreign naval forces and visits foreign merchant vessels within the territorial waters. It also has the authority to arrest and detain foreigners suspected of violating … Read more

Health Department Jobs 2022 in Pakistan

Are you looking for a job in the health department? Well, Pakistan’s Health Department is hiring. The jobs are divided into three categories: medical officers, nurses, and technicians. Pakistan’s health department is hiring for many different jobs. Join this exciting opportunity by applying today! The Health Department offers careers for qualified individuals who are interested … Read more

Ministry of Planning and Development Jobs 2022

Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives, established by the Government of Pakistan, is a Federal Ministry tasked to formulate policies and coordinate activities relating to development planning, economic growth, and monitoring of progress towards targets. The Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives is one of the largest Ministries of the Government of Pakistan. … Read more

GCWUS Jobs 2022 GC Women University Sialkot

GCWUS Jobs 2022 GC Women University Sialkot. Government College Women’s University Sialkot is a leading private sector university in Pakistan. The Government College Women’s University Sialkot is known as GCWU Sialkot and it is situated in Sialkot city in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is a degree-awarding institute and GCWU Sialkot has a large … Read more